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Kia eats lots of sweets, reads lots of things, sleeps like a fat cat, and has been known to write fic for fandoms once every now and then. She intends for this place to be a dumping ground for pretty things, quotable quotes, and whatever shiny she might happen upon while spelunking through the wonderlands of the interwebs.

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人生の旅人、通りすがり. //
0nuard whispered : I realize you probably get asked this all the time... And that I stalked your Tumblr to get some answers (hey look at that, we share so many interests \0/) but please, is Catalysis abandoned? It's... Amazing, incredible, beyond words. I'm dying to know. I have to sincerely thank you for writing what you have.

Not abandoned! :D Next chapter is mostly written. Waiting on my editor (forever). Sigh.



the fact that ellen doesn’t have to insult celebrities to be funny makes her 500% more amazing then she already is

instead she takes photos with them and buys them pizza